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Should I Hire A CCA?

As a grower, you have a lot invested in your fields. Help protect your investment and business by consulting with a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA). CCA's are experienced and trained in field and crop management.


Should I Become A CCA?

Having a CCA designation provides growers with the confidence that you have a recognized level of expertise as a crop consultant. The CCA designation is also well respected in industry and will contribute to your reputation among other industry players.


Get Your Event CEU-Approved

Anyone may apply to have their event, course, field tour, written material, CD's or other materials approved for CEU points. One of the requirements in maintaining CCA accreditation is the need to participate in 40 hours of technical training every 2 years. The training is accumulated as Continuing Education Units (CEU's). Your training program may be a critical component in assisting CCA's to meet this requirement.

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