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Should I Hire A CCA?

As a grower, you have a lot invested in your fields. Help protect your investment and business by consulting with a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA). CCA's are experienced and trained in field and crop management.


Should I Become A CCA?

Having a CCA designation provides growers with the confidence that you have a recognized level of expertise as a crop consultant. The CCA designation is also well respected in industry and will contribute to your reputation among other industry players.


CEU App Instructions

Do you have a smart phone? If so, we have a new app which quickly and easily gets the CEUs from the conference onto your CEU report! Just follow these easy instructions:

Download the App

  1. Access the app:  iPhone or Android.  Alternatively, you can search for the app through the appropriate app store on your device using the term 'Certified Crop Adviser'.

  2. Download the free app and log in with your CCA log in information (email address and password to your CCA account). Please note you will only need to do this once.

Using the App

  1. When you are at any meeting that has pre-approved CCA CEUs, you’ll see a QR code on the sign-in sheet.

  2. Open the app, click on 'Scan Course Code' and hover over the QR code.

  3. Once the QR code is recognized, click 'Sign-In' and you will receive a message that says "Thank you for signing in to the session".

  4. When you receive this message, simply return Home to the start of the app.

Please note that a course will not scan more than one time. If you accidentally scan a second time, you will receive a message:  "This course has already been processed into your education history, duplicate entries are not permitted."

If you do not have a smart phone, use the traditional sign-in sheets provided at the meeting where you sign your certification number and name.