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Should I Hire A CCA?

As a grower, you have a lot invested in your fields. Help protect your investment and business by consulting with a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA). CCA's are experienced and trained in field and crop management.


Should I Become A CCA?

Having a CCA designation provides growers with the confidence that you have a recognized level of expertise as a crop consultant. The CCA designation is also well respected in industry and will contribute to your reputation among other industry players.


Promotional Materials

A new marketing campaign has been developed to promote the CCA program to clients/farmers, employers, prospective CCAs, students, and the public. As part of this campaign, a new logo and tag line have been created - "That's Sound Advice". The materials within this section were developed to help you better communicate the benefits of CCA and to show your pride in the CCA program. If you need any marketing communications assistance, it should be found within this section.


Access the CCA and That's Sound Advice Logos

As a CCA, you may use both the CCA-That's Sound Advice logos and the official CCA logo (available in black & white or color). To access and download the logos, you'll be required to login (using the email and password we have on file for you).

Business Card Templates

Access the CCA Business Card Templates

Promote yourself and your accomplishments. Customize these business card templates to let all of your customers and colleagues know that you have demonstrated the commitment, education, experience and expertise that it takes to become a Certified Crop Adviser.


Student, Prospective CCA, Employer, Farmer, CPAg

Reach your target audience with specifically designed brochure. If you would like them customized with your state/province/regional contact information, please contact the CCA office at 608-273-8081 (please allow two weeks for customization requests). The above brochures are available in PDF format (For hi-resolution print files, contact your representative).

Press Release Templates

20th Anniversary of CCA, CCA Approval, Exam Notice, Scholarship, Award or CCA Profile, Event

Work with local-newspapers and agricultural publications by using these simple and completely customizable press releases. You can immediately download right to your computer and edit them according to your state, region, or province. They are designed to be published, targeted announcements.

Prints Ads

Student, Legislative, Employer, Farmer

In conjunction with the logos and brochures, 4-color print advertisements are available for your use. They may also be customized (allow two weeks for requests). For hi-resolution print files, contact your representative.

Sample News Release

Sample News Release for New CCAs

As a new CCA, we encourage you and your employer to promote your achievements - both with your clients and the general public. A sample news release is available and may be customized.

CCA Radio Spots

General, Reason #1, Reason #2, Reason #3, Reason #4, Reason #5, Reason #6, Reason #7, Reason #8, Reason #9, Reason #10

The above radio spots were created as part of a previous campaign to outreach to farmers and are still valuable promotional tools.

Mailing List Rental

Mailing List Rental Program

Looking to reach out to CCAs and CPAgs with programs, education, and services? Consider a targeting mailing campaign with our Mailing List Rental Program.

Hosting an agronomic event that offers CEU's? Tell others about it by mailing flyers to your CCA colleagues.

Other promotional products are available here for your immediate download:

[ CCA Event Sign-in Sheet (.pdf) ]
[ Logo and other marketing materials ]