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Should I Hire A CCA?

As a grower, you have a lot invested in your fields. Help protect your investment and business by consulting with a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA). CCA's are experienced and trained in field and crop management.


Should I Become A CCA?

Having a CCA designation provides growers with the confidence that you have a recognized level of expertise as a crop consultant. The CCA designation is also well respected in industry and will contribute to your reputation among other industry players.


How To Join

Register for cca exam, schedule your exam, select exam prep option, write exam, receive results instantly.

To become a Certified Crop Adviser, you must pass 2 comprehensive exams, both can be written on the same day or on different days that suit your schedule.  The International exam is written by all CCA's in North America.  The local or Prairie region exam is written by all persons wanting to work as advisers anywhere in the 3 Prairie provinces.

Section testing now available!
Instead of taking an entire exam in one sitting, a person will have the option to take each of the four sections one at a time in whatever order they choose. Focus on a single section at a time and enjoy a shorter exam time ... one hour per section vs. 2+ hours for the full exam. Take the sections in any order, however, please note you must pass you must pass ALL sections within a 5-year period from the date you pass the first one.

The next CCA exam date is July 24 to August 5, 2024. Exam registration opens on June 20, 2024 and the deadline to register is July 15, 2024.

Alternate exam dates in 2024: October 30 - November 11, 2024
Alternate exam dates in 2025: February 5 - 19, 2025 | April 2 - 16, 2025 | August 6 - 20, 2025 | November 5 - 19, 2025

CCA exams are now administered via a remote proctor!
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Exam Preparation:

  1. Online Study Guide for the Prairie CCA exam register now
  2. Online Study Guide for the International CCA exam register now
  3. Red Flag CCA Exam Prep with Dr. Bill Hamman and Therese Tompkins in December 2023 and January 2024 | Learn more

** Please note that the purchase of study materials, or participation in the online prep course or any other tutorial DOES NOT mean you are registered for the CCA exam. This is a separate registration.

Those pursuing their certification can challenge the exams at any time. However, once you successfully complete both tests you must then apply for your certification. To meet the requirements, you must have the required amount of crop advising experience: 2 years with a Bachelor's degree, 3 years with a diploma and 4 years with no formal education.

You must document education and advising experience with transcripts and supporting references as outlined in the Certified Crop Adviser Certification application (provided after passing of the 2 CCA exams).

You must sign and agree to uphold the CCA Code of Ethics.

Don't have enough experience?  Become a CCA Candidate and work towards your full CCA status!

If you have any questions or concerns, please review our extensive FAQ section. Alternatively you can contact your local Provincial Rep: